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About Us

Sirius is known as the brightest star in the universe and when it meets the sun every year in July, the fate of all humanity is written on these magical days. One of these magical days of 2021 we decided to write our own destiny and this is the story of how we founded Sirius Tarot.


About the Logo

The Sirius Hieroglyph is a symbol used in ancient Egyptian mythology to represent the star Sirius. It was considered a sacred symbol that represented rebirth, regeneration, and new beginnings. In the context of Tarot Cards, the Sirius Hieroglyph is often associated with the Major Arcana card "The Star," which represents hope, inspiration, and spiritual guidance.

Meet the Founder

Our timeless pieces are specially designed with purpose and intent and presented as limited collections.

In Sirius Tarot's studio in Istanbul, we dream big, integrate knowledge and skills into these dreams and present new ideas to the world.

Merve Yumak

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